About Us

ABM Commercial Flooring , Inc. is an independent, full service commercial flooring contractor established in 1990. All labor is performed by Skilled, Veteran Installers. We are affiliated and work with Local 1185, Carpenters Union and Local 21 Bricklayers Union.

Albert Lucenti II

President and founder, started ABM Commercial Flooring in 1990 and is currently its president. He has been in the commercial flooring business for over 26 years and knows that providing quality products with outstanding service is the only way to operate a business.

Andrea Lucenti

Vice president, joined ABM in 1995 after several years in the construction and manufacturing sectors, and became its vice president in 2000. Andrea has also worked as a sales/estimator and as the office manager.

Mark Worcester

Estimator, with a background in commercial and residential real estate, reviews all incoming jobs and prepares estimates for the contract specialists and salespeople. In the field, Mark assists with project management.

Keith Saylor

Contract specialist, with almost 30 years of floor covering experience, is an ABM contract specialist working on the needs of existing clients and determining the best needs of new clients.